1. Is the Colour My Run suitable for toddlers? The Colour My Run is a family friendly event and therefore it is suitable for toddlers :) All children under the age of 5 go in free.
  1. Does the colour powder stain? The colored powder used is biodegradable and therefore will not stain clothing or footwear. However, to be on the safe side we recommend washing the clothing items twice.
  1. Is the powder harmful? The powder isn’t harmful at all. Please note, that all participants will be provided with buffs to protect their face. We recommend bringing sun glasses to protect the eyes.
  1. Do you provide corporate discounts? We love getting companies of all sizes involved for the Colour My Run. We strongly believe it is an excellent opportunity for team building and engagement.
  1. Can I leave my bag at the start? There will be a cloakroom provided should you wish to leave your bags prior to starting the run. We will provide you with a ticket which you need to keep on you during the race so we can match you with your bag.
  1. Do you provide parking? Parking will be provided for participants on a first come, first serve basis. Ushers will direct you to the nearest parking spots upon your arrival.
  1. Can I walk instead of run? Despite what the name suggests, you may also walk the whole way. The main purpose of the event is to have fun and be happy so go at your own pace and enjoy.
  1. Are there Student discounts? We do provide discounts for teems under 20 years old at 20.00 euros per ticket. Just show us your student card or ID as proof on entry. For children between the ages of 5 and 12 we are offering tickets at 15.00 euros each, but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  1. Where can I register for the event? Registrations are to be made from our website www.colourmyrun.com or through Active.com. For corporates & teams, we will provide you with a special code to be used when purchasing the tickets.
  1. Will roads be closed? All roads involving the race will be closed so we can assure full safety along the way. Ushers will be there to support you and direct you throughout the colour stations.

Terms & Conditions